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Livelo Travel & Tours is a travel company whose purpose is to provide leisure travel experiences to our dearest customers. We help and guide each of them in their ticket reservations and travel destinations based on their preferences in budget, destination, activities, and time of travel. We cater them with information packages and access to their special interests.


Our Services

Here in Livelo Travel & Tours, we offer you fast, reliable and well-shaped services that our customers deserve. We also provide hassle-free ticket reservations and affordable travel fares.


Ticketing Packages

Livelo Travel and Tours is a travel agency engaged in offering fast and reliable ticketing services and reservations to make sure the ease of travel for every passenger inside and outside the country with their affordable trips and convenience.


Latest News and Updates

Our company provides daily news and updates regarding our customer’s ticket reservation. We keep in touch with everyone and we make sure to give answers to their questions. 


Why Choose Us

Livelo Travel and Tours is a friendly and highly trusted company that caters you with the best accommodation and efficient services to our customers.

The Most Reliable Airlines

Here, in Livelo Travel and Tours, we perform our tasks with consistency and efficiency which makes us a trustworthy company. Our efforts on work justify the quality of the services that we offer. We aim to bring out the best.

Fast and Reliable Ticket Booking

We do not want to leave you hanging and uninformed. We keep you in touch with us without any hassle in your ticket booking and provide you the best and affordable fares and guarantee the satisfaction of your trips.

Best Customer Support

Our company guides our customers whenever they have questions regarding our services such as ticket reservation.  We make sure that we have answered all of your queries and keep other issues resolved.

Amazing Travel Experience

We do not just bring you to your destination but we also make your adventure something to be cherished and making you look forward to another awesome travel experience.


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Travel with us now and experience the fun and adventure at Livelo Travels and Tour. We will provide you a hassle-free travel arrangement and ease of access. Visit our company now and learn more about us.